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To create a brand for ALL women, ALL sizes. We strive to provide the trendiest fashion, at an affordable price, while providing excellent customer service to EVERY Mirror Babe.


We envision every Mirror Babe will feel beautiful, comfortable and confident while wearing our brand. Every woman should take a look in the mirror, because she deserves it.


Touched By Vanity is an online women's clothing boutique that was created to cater to ALL women, ALL sizes. In 2015, the owner, Jasmine P. decided it was time for something different in the fashion and clothing industry. At first, she thought of an idea that would service local women only, then later realized, women nationwide should be able to shop her brand, therefore, she decided to offer her brand as an online boutique. In 2018, Jasmine P. began to put her thoughts into action. After a lot of hard work and planning, she finally launched her dream business, Touched By Vanity, in the Fall of 2019. As someone who is a fashionista, loves to shop and stay trendy, Jasmine P. knew this would be the perfect business to grow her brand.

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